long haired cat in long haired grass garden sundial in new lawn area handmade clay pavers in frost wrought iron garden bench pink poppy flower access to roof garden mint herb garden flamed Scottish sandstone private garden in Edinburgh New Town bespoke larch shed and Thermowood® greenhouse ceramic sheep in geraniums muscari flowers planting and paving in 'Arts and Crafts' garden, Edinburgh agapanthus mechanised garden construction sunlit iris foliage sketch plan detail 3D visual showing proposed design for rural garden

"I hope that your renewed garden will delight all your senses, be practical to maintain, and cost less to create than you expect."
Douglas Dalgleish

garden designer

garden in square frame

Gardens for people. Gardens designed to be useful, enjoyable and easy-care. Tasteful, functional gardens combining elegant planting with spaces for people and nature. Unique gardens designed to aesthetically enhance their owner's home.

garden in square frame

Good designed gardens include elements of surprise and reward. The designer's distinctive, creative, practical response to the unique site-specific qualities discovered in and on the land. Informed aesthetic vision, sensitively deployed.

garden in square frame

Fine aesthetic sense, practical creative vision.
Qualifications: Design BA(Hons), Garden Design PSGD diploma (distinction). Creative design professional for 30 years.
Flair for construction, materials, soils and planting.

garden in square frame

Contact Douglas today to discuss your garden ambitions and consider how his particular design talent and garden expertise can be focused on your land to transform your own unique outdoor environment.

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"If the garden you own is not the garden you would like to own, get in touch. For a modest fee I'll visit to see your garden's problems, consider possible improvements and discuss how we can work together to create a better place."
Douglas Dalgleish