Douglas Dalgleish

Garden Designer - qualified, experienced -
Douglas Dalgleish Dip. PSGD Garden Design,
BA(Hons.) Design

I have been working as a professional Garden Designer since 2006, the year I achieved with distinction, my PSGD Diploma in Garden Design. The respected vocational course at Pickard School of Garden Design had demanded nine months of intensive work. I undertook this challenging Garden Design course to redirect my proven design talent after 20 years of professional experience designing site-specific ceramic projects for private clients. Garden Design brings together my well-honed professional design skills, a unique aesthetic sensitivity, and a lifetime of direct personal experience of garden-making with plants, soil, trees & structures.


Previous design experience:

In 1980 I graduated with a BA Honours Degree from the Design school of Edinburgh College of Art, followed by a post-graduate Diploma in Ceramics. I have been designing and making unique site-specific works to commission since 1985. My professional experience, always self-employed, in Ceramics and now in Garden Design, has been focused on the design and creation of site-specific and client-specific projects at various locations and scales. I am pleased that all of my creative work has successfully helped people to improve the environments within which they live.

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Garden Design

Although every design process requires a successful design outcome, there are no fundamentally 'right' or 'wrong' design answers. Accepting that perfection is unrealistic, I aim for design excellence in every garden. I bring to each garden project my specialised knowledge and the wisdom of experience, sensitivity to people & the qualities of place, along with my creative vision and aesthetic insight. My clients enjoy the outcome of these specialised abilities, brought to life in their extraordinary gardens.

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"If the garden you own is not the garden you would like to own, get in touch. For a modest fee I'll visit to see your garden's problems, consider possible improvements and discuss how we can work together to create a better place."
Douglas Dalgleish