garden design perspective drawing for Ann Street, Edinburgh

Experienced specialists produce work of exceptional quality

As a formally qualified professional Garden Designer specialising in site-specific garden projects, I intend my clients' designed gardens to subtly express their aspiration to excellence. In design and on the ground, my involvement in each garden project is focused on creating and improving the functional and aesthetic qualities of place. Designed for the practicalities of garden construction and planting, my gardens may be exceptional, but they are eminently achievable by individuals appropriately skilled in construction and planting. Exceptional gardens tend to arise from attention to detail and the application of specialist skills to each aspect of the project. I am pleased to acknowledge the skills of the diverse specialists working within and outwith the field of horticulture who have produced exemplary work for my designed gardens.

design for wrought iron table and chairs

Specialist Landscapers

Gardens can be complex environments, containing diverse materials and components, so landscape contractors must be competent working with a variety of materials and techniques. Some landscapers develop a particular talent for certain aspects of the work. Although I trust several experienced Landscapers to build my gardens, I usually monitor the work they undertake for my clients, to be sure that my garden designs are taking shape on the ground as intended. Experienced Landscapers who constructed the gardens shown on these web pages include Jonathan Fraser of Fraser Landscaping and the landscape team at Taurus Gardening.

excavator preparing the garden

Groundworks specialist

Groundworks contractor and excavator expert Billy Chisholm. Billy's large-scale redistribution of topsoil and crushed whinstone quickly rearranged garden materials with accuracy and ease, revealing his decades of experience in site preparation, levelling and land drainage. Big machinery operated with precision.

stonemasons at work in the garden

Stonework specialists

The highly skilled stonemasons of Forbes Davidson & Co. Ltd. produced stonework of the highest quality for my clients in Edinburgh New Town. Flights of garden steps, formal ponds, a curved retaining wall, storage shed, paving, horonising, and wall repairs. All were completed with exemplary attention to detail.

design for wrought iron table and chairs

Metalwork specialist

Blackmith Ross Cranston of RGC Fabrication is the talented blacksmith who made the wrought iron garden furniture I designed for clients in Edinburgh New Town.

Tod and Taylor Architects

Conservation Architects

I have worked with Tod and Taylor Architects in connection with conservation projects for many years, so I was pleased to introduce architect Roger Taylor to my Edinburgh New Town clients. Working from my garden design plans and drawings, Tod and Taylor Architects obtained the required local authority Consents, designed the sandstone storage shed, developed traditional sandstone construction details for the garden structures, designed the house alterations, supervised the building works, Minuted our frequent site meetings and approved client payments to the contractors. Roger Taylor's expertise in conservation architecture underpinned the success of this extraordinary historical house and garden project.

Kevock nursery planting

Plant specialists

Specialists create special gardens. Graham Gunn, manager of specialist plant nursery Kevock Garden Plants setting out and planting at Ann Street, Edinburgh. I have designed several gardens for clients of Kevock Garden Plants. This distinctive garden complemented my conceptual and spatial design skills with the plant expertise provided by the staff of Kevock nursery.

garden design specialist

Douglas Dalgleish -
Garden Design specialist

I carefully design unique outdoor environments for my clients and their families to enjoy, then work with experts in construction and planting to create such exceptional gardens.

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