garden design plan

The design plan: a connected sequence of gardens

The design I developed for this large garden's practical and aesthetic improvement proposes interconnected areas of differing character, linked together to provide a sequence of garden experiences. Following my outline design for the whole garden, the work is progressing in several phases.

arts and crafts house and patio, developing plants

Phase one: A patio for the new Garden Room

The clever addition of a south-facing Garden Room gave this notable Arts & Crafts villa a delightful new living space, particularly lovely when suffused with morning light. I designed a new sandstone patio with two flights of steps to link the garden room, patio and driveway. The planting will integrate the patio with the surrounding garden.

arts and crafts house, garden room entrance doors

1910 Arts & Crafts house with a newly-built Garden Room

This notable late Arts & Crafts suburban villa by Edinburgh architects Bailey Scott Murphy and David Morton Kinross, was built in 1910. the house was improved and enhanced in 2014 by the addition of the Garden Room designed by NGP Architecture Ltd . In the garden, a new doorway entrance plat and steps were needed to link the new room to a paved patio for convenient outdoor entertaining.

stonemasons building sandstone steps and laying garden paving

New sandstone paving and steps

Garden design and construction for listed buildings needs particular sensitivity. The specialist stonemasons of Forbes Davidson Ltd. completed the doorway plat, steps and patio, using materials and techniques in the local tradition. New UK-quarried sandstone was sawn at a local stoneyard, with exposed surfaces dressed and finished on site by the stonemasons. The awkwardly positioned drain inspection cover is completely hidden under one of the new sandstone pavers. The patio edge is formed of reclaimed whinstone setts. Reclaimed sandstone paving completes the new terrace path.

completed sandstone patio and steps

Completed patio and steps ready for planting

Respecting the distinctive asymmetry of the Arts & Crafts architecture, the new patio is designed as an attractive practical space for entertaining the extended family. On completion of the construction work, correct proportion and accurate alignment become obvious. The new planting will provide shelter and foreground interest, enfolding the patio into the garden.

plants developing in their second season

Plant development

By the second growing season the new flowering shrubs are becoming well-established and beginning to enclose the terrace path.

driveway edge detail, before (kerb-less, monochrome) and after (with kerb, colour)

Driveway realignment

The original block-paved driveway had been incorrectly laid without a restraining perimeter kerb, allowing the driveway paver blocks to gradually drift apart. The driveway edge was realigned, improving the driveway usability and appearance, the paver blocks relaid within a strong restraining kerb of reclaimed whinstone setts.

original narrow entrance path

Phase two: Improving the arrival experience

The awkwardly narrow path leading from the pedestrian entrance gate to the house front door. The second phase of garden work will focus on improving the arrival experience while creating a new link to the extensive south lawn.

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